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Timebanking is a community program that allows the voluntary exchange of services between members.

It’s as simple as give an hour. Receive an hour.

By giving one hour to helping another member, you earn one hour of time credits which can be used to receive services that are of personal value, such as : dog walking, ironing, community gardening, massage, language tuition, painting, administrative assistance .... you’re only limited by your imagination.

Everyone can be part of Timebanking, as everyone has something to give.

Register and Login on

Have a question? Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call 4329 7122

"I'm glad I joined Timebanking. It has opened new doors for me... learning pottery and receiving swimming lessons... and now I think I have now found someone to  teach me how to speak Spanish! Anyone who's not a member should go to and register. You'll find lots of interesting offers and best of all you get meet wonderful new people in the community."          ______________________________________________

Pottery workshop
"The opportunities Timebanking provides are limitless! Three of our Timebanking members, Anjee, Allen and Jan, got to trade their time credits to attend a two hour workshop with the Tuggerah Lakes Potters. Led by Timebanking member Caroline, they had a great morning of fun and friendship as they made a two tier cake stand, a fruit bowl and serving plate. Caroline now has six hours of time credits ready to use."

This project is funded by the Office of Communities



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